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Clare Miers

Clare Miers began her career in journalism while attending Baylor University in Texas as a television writer and reporter for news and public broadcasting stations. Her work took her to towns on the Texas and Oklahoma border and to the Dallas and Houston markets.  She worked diligently as a reporter/anchor producing hard news, special interest features and business profiles/stories. As most people in television news learn to do efficiently, Miers produced, wrote, shot, edited and then presented her own stories on tight deadlines. Opportunities in print publications led Miers to take  assignments with national magazines and major newspapers.  She developed her print photography skills and began professionally shooting for most of her assignments and provided content to national wire services and editorial photo stock sites. With the rise of the digital age in news production, Miers was well seasoned for multimedia, multiplatform news assignments. Her versatility and keen eye for unique content was tapped for two, regular, long running columns in The Dallas Morning News. She also regularly produced professional photography and stories for more than a decade for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Miers also had a long running multiplatform feature in the Austin American-Statesman. A veteran general assignments reporter with more than two decades experience, her "briar patch" beats include human interest profiles. To share the passions of ordinary people who have overcome obstacles to follow their hearts or to achieve goals is Miers's choice assignment from editors. Her creative, soulful, 'life as it happens' or beautifully-styled, high resolution images, videos and illustrations compliment her package deal as a one-stop-shop journalist in today's fast moving media operations.

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